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Avant GardeThe stark contracts of high fashion and European design created a dynamic that was uniquely stylish. The charming column millwork is excellently complemented by monochromatic hand-painted walls and warm wood tones. These further accentuated the primarily leather goods offered by the boutique.
Beneath The SurfaceA warm west coast cabin style cottage creates cozy comforts and a great space to unwind and relax. But underneath the quaint countryside chic, we had designed a high tech entertainment lounge. With professionally installed audio visual media systems and a fully stocked wet bar to give you the same luxury offered at the most exclusive entertainment venues.
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Victorian ReimaginedTaking elements from the Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian eras, we created a space that combines morsels of unique intricacies from each epoch. All while keeping in mind the usability and functionality of a modern home.
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Venetian LuxuryInspired by the grandeur of Venetian architecture and the immense starry night sky, we were able to create a storefront that was both striking and lavishing. The design elements are derived from Italian couture, using a combination of masonry and woodwork to devise an atmosphere of bliss and richness.
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Corporate DesignLong gone are the days where cubicles laid out the office floor plan. With the use of glass dividers, complementary colours and feature-rich fixtures, we were able to create a workspace with aesthetics that offered optimized workflow in an agile environment. We believe that with a proportionate design criteria, small to medium sized offices can look just as extensive and professional as larger corporate firms.