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Residential and commercial interior design

Our Services

In-home Interior Design Service

1. Residential Project
2. Commercial project 

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In-person project consulting service

1. Design problem solution
Renovation problem solution
3. Building permit application

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Online Home Design Guidance Plan

for Residential only
1. INTERIOR SPACE Finishing Touch

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Online consulting

1. Interior design management
Renovation management

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Online Public Seminar

Today’s Interior Design Trend

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Online Training Courses

1. DIY Persons
2. Junior Designers
3. Renovation contractors

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Our respectable clients

Business Opportunity

In line with our expansion schedule in the next few years, our goal is to develop online markets in Canada and Southeast Asia, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto in Canada and Hong Kong, Guangzhou in China, Singapore etc.
If you want to become our collaborative interior designer, project manager or branch manager, this is a rare opportunity for your future career. Don’t miss this chance to make you step into success, please pay attention to our upcoming announcement.

如果您想成為我們合作的室內設計師、項目經理或是分行經理,這都是您未來職業生涯的難得機會。 不要錯過這個讓您邁向成功的機會,請關注我們即將發佈的消息。

Interior Space Enterprises Inc.
Head Office :
5811 Cooney Road,
Suite 305, South Tower,
Richmond, BC,
V6X 3M1, Canada

Branch :
1299 Coast Meridian Road,
Coquitlam, B,C.
V3E 0H6, Canada

+1 604-232-9111 (Canada}


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