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If you have specific requirements for the interior environment, our interior designer team has determined your choice, because we are knowledgeable and experienced designers who will conduct interior design and project management by observing the on-site environment, whether your space is a residential or commercial unit, we will make your dream into a reality.

We can provide professional ONE STOP SERVICE or Single services to our client:

  1. Interior environment design for Single houses, Townhouses and Apartments.
  2. Interior environment design for various types of commercial Retail stores, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Offices, Industrial workshops etc. with different style of distinctive designs.
  3. Chain store corporate identity and Interior design services for small brand stores.

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  1. 獨立房屋、城市屋、公寓的室內環境設計。
  2. 各類商業零售店、餐廳、咖啡店、辦公室、工業廠房等的各種不同風格的室內環境設計。
  3. 小型品牌連鎖店的企業形象及室內設計服務。

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1)  Problem solution for design and renovation   

When your house or commercial unit has an illegal building/renovation and is notified by the building department of City that it needs to be demolished immediately or changed to a conform that meets building codes or regulations requirement, our consulting services can provide a comprehensive solution for your illegal building/renovation.  These including: design specifications, working drawing details, the latest building codes and regulations, electrical, plumbing and mechanical specifications and regulations, etc.  Our various professional consulting services can help you to removal of this building demolition order without delaying.

Call us now 604-232-9111 for a free half-hour inquiry.

2)  Building permit application   

As many citizens or new immigrants, they do not know that must to apply for a Building Permit from the City of Government before they carry out an interior renovation projects in residential or commercial units. If your interior renovation projects need to apply for a building permit before proceeding, or if you need to make a supplementary application is required after the project, we can help you with this single application service.

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1)  設計及裝修問題解決方案

當您的房屋或商用單位有違法建築/裝修,而遭到市政府通知要即時拆除或要求更改成合符建築法規時,我們的顧問服務可為您的違法建築/裝修, 提供全面的解決方案。其中包括 : 設計規格,工作圖則細節,最新建築法規,電氣,水喉和機械規格及規例等。 我們以上的各類專業顧問服務可幫助您及時解除市政府的建築拆除令。

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2)  代辦建築許可證申

有許多市民或新移民,他們不知道在進行住宅或商業單位的室內裝修項目之前是一定要向市政府申請建築許可證的。 如果您的室內裝修工程在開展之前需要申請建築許可證,或如果您在工程完成後需要補辨申請等,我們可以幫助您完成這項單一的申請服務。

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