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Welcome to Interior Space

We are a Canadian based company with business connected with our sister company in Hong Kong. We specialize in providing interior design and project management services, both in residential and commercial. Our business was been established over 30 years with services covering the entire Canada and Asia-Pacific region.

During our 30 years more of service in Hong Kong and Canada, we have successfully worked out a total solution for over thousands of commercial and residential clients with our comprehensive interior design and related services.

Our professional design team, work hard every day to help our clients solve their problems or difficulties and provide essential services to fit their requirement for the works in Interior Design, Project Management and Renovation. There are client’s major needs for the residential and commercial projects as following :


我們是一家建基於加拿大的公司,與在香港的姊妹公司保持商業的聯系。 我們專注於提供住宅和商業單位的室內設計和工程管理服務已經超過了30年,業務範圍覆蓋整個加拿大和亞太地區。






How to use the expensive interior space efficiently


How to create a corporation image for franchise


How to build an Eco-friendly & comfortable for a dream home


How to add value to the property economically


How to catch target customer’s attention


How to save time and money by avoiding mistakes


How to transform a conceptual thinking into reality


How to improve house into a clean and healthy home

Many of our featured design projects have been widely circulated by mass media through television, radio, magazines and lifestyle column in newspapers. Our business philosophy and efforts was been adopted by the public who are most desirous to get better living standard.

Coping with the needs of better living in the 21st century, we are now launching a DESIGN-MADE-EASY scheme to the majority of the people. A new online service is rollout now, including interior design, consultation service and online course training.  They do not only enjoy our comprehensive interior design services, but also at a much affordable price. Last but not least, this has always been our mandate to provide more opportunities for new entrants in the interior design industry.  Working with experienced professional designers makes it easier for us to achieve this mission :


我們有許多精選的設計項目已經通過各大主要媒體 : 電視,廣播,雜誌和報紙上的生活專欄等 , 廣泛地流傳及受到大眾的關注。 我們的經營理念和努力已為最渴望獲得更高生活水平的公眾所接受。

為迎接21世紀更高的生活需求,我們現在向大衆家發起了DESIGN-MADE-EASY計劃。 現在將推出一項新的在線服務,包括室內設計,顧問服務和在線課程培訓。 他們不僅享受我們全面的室內設計服務,而且還可以優惠的價格購買。 最後但並非最不重要的一點,這一直是我們的任務,即為室內設計行業的新入行者提供更多機會。 與經驗豐富的專業設計師一起工作,使我們更輕鬆地實現這一個使命:



Company history from 1987 to 2020

Company history before 1999

In 1987, the first interior design company was established in Mong Kok District, Kowloon, HK.  At the beginning of the business, we specialized in interior design and renovation projects for small home and shops. Our business operating is very hard in the beginning of the interior design industry.

1999 年前公司歷史


From mid of 1989 to 1997, we expanded medium-sized design and renovation projects, such as Royal Ascot at Shatin, Hong Lok Yuen at Tai Po, Royal Palms at Yuen Long, Mansion House Ltd., etc.

In addition, 1990 to 1997 also, we set up a new team to develop business in China and deal with some larger commercial design projects. Designers often travel between Wuhan, Changsha, Hainan Island, Shenzhen cities, China and Hong Kong. The projects include commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, etc.



From 1988 to 1997, due to the appreciation of customers and recommended to major media, we published our selected design works to the magazine and newspapers included: Beautify Home Furnishing, Modern Family, Next Magazine, Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Daily, etc.  It brings additional customers and more reputation for the company, after years of hard work, the company has entered a mature stage.


In 1995 to 1997, Andy was invite by the Hong Kong Daily News to write about the home and life column for their newspaper, and wrote about interior design, furniture and products.  The column written by Andy include Design Gallery, Furniture Style, Modern Furniture, Product Introduction, etc., it is under the pseudonym “shape-smith”


Starting in 1989, the company plans to develop furniture business, preparing to design, produce, and sell one-stop service.  During the period, we focus on designing and producing glass dining tables and chairs, telescopic cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, etc.  Our own brand “Decor-Space” furniture has sold domestically and abroad.

在1989年起公司計劃開展傢俬業務,準備自行設計,生產,銷售一條龍服務。期間重點設計及生產玻璃餐枱及椅子,伸縮廳柜,掛牆架子等。自創品牌「Decor-Space 」傢俬行銷國內國外。

Participated in the lighting and furniture exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Trade Department for 1992 and 1993. After these two large-scale exhibitions and sales activities in Hong Kong, We met many people in the industry, also can meet local and overseas buyers.  A lot of benefits will bring certain help to the company’s development.

1992年和1993年參加香港貿易署舉辦的燈飾及家具展。經過這兩次在香港的大型展覽和銷售活動,我們結識了許多業內人士,也接觸到本地和海外買家。 諸多的好處都會給公司的發展帶來一定的幫助。

Company history after 2000

Since Andy immigrated to Canada in 1998, after several months for settle of my family and adapting to the new environment, Andy began preparations for business opening. It takes almost a whole year time.



In the middle of 1999, the new company officially registered in Richmond, British Columbia, named Interior Space Enterprises Inc. (Chinses named室內天地), The business scope includes Interior design and Drawing services. At the beginning of the business opening, the progress was slow and the operation was arduous.

在1999年中在BC省列治文市正式註冊成立新公司名稱:Interior Space Enterprises Inc. (室內天地) 業務範圍包括室內設計及繪圖服務,開業初期進展緩慢,艱苦經營。

From 1999 to 2004, we often participated in community activities and voluntary work such as UNICEF, Vancouver Sun Run, Heart & Stroke Big Bike etc.  In addition, participate in community activities to meet new friends and community leaders.

1999-2004年經常參與社區的活動和義務工作如UNICEF, Vancouver Sun Run, Heart & Stroke Big Bike 等。另外參加社區活動認識更多的新朋友及社區領袖。

Joined the Chamber of Commerce from 2000 to 2015: BC Commerce Association, Richmond Asia Pacific Business Association, Richmond Chamber of Commerce, National Kitchen and Bath Association, etc. This can strive for more business opportunities and intensify the exchange of experience among members.


From 2000 to 2007, the company participated in a number of Trade Shows to introduce the company’s services and contact potential customers to understand their needs and to improve the company’s service policy

2000-2007公司曾參加多個Trade Show 介紹本公司的服務及接觸客人了解他們的需求,籍此改善公司的服務方針。

From 2002 to 2013, Andy served as a guest host on two radio stations CHMB AM1320 and Fairchild Radio AM1470, speaking on special programs of interior design and project management.

In addition, Andy has been invited many times as a guest at home care hotline radio program, answering questions for the audience.

In 2007, Andy was interview by Channel M TV, Variety Arts Gallery program:  The topic is color trend of 2007.

In 2010, Andy was interview by CHNM-TV, Omni Home Senses Program: The topic is Home design makeover.

2002-2013曾在AM1320 和 AM1470 兩家電台任嘉賓主持,主講室內設計和工程管理的專輯節目


2007年,Andy接受Channel M電視台,綜藝長廊節目訪問有關2007年的顏色潮流。

2010年,Andy接受CHNM-TV, Omni 家居百合匙節目採訪:家居設計大變身。

Since 2010, we have officially started to train new designers to enter the interior design industry, provide more opportunities for those with aspirations to join the interior design industry and serve to the public.


From 2009 to 2016, the company held large-scale public seminar, the purpose to let more people understand the importance of interior design and project management, so that the audience can get professional knowledge in improving their home living.

In 2021, Hong Kong PolyU (western Canada) Association was invited Andy as a speaker for a webinar, the topic of speech: Simple home improvement idea for Covid-19 prevention.




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