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Webinar hosted by:

Hong Kong PolyU (western Canada) Association

Topic: Simple home improvement idea for Covid-19 prevention.

Discussion items :

  1. How do we prevent polluted air and viruses from invading indoors?
  2. Why do harmful gases and bacteria multiply and grow indoors?
  3. How to effective exhaust polluted air from the house?

In the seminar, Andy teaches you 23 measures on how to reduce indoor air pollution.




研討事項 :

  1. 我們如何防止汚染的空氣及病毒入侵室內?
  2. 為何室內會產生有害氣體及會造成細菌滋生和繁殖?
  3. 如何有效地從房屋中排出受污染的空氣?

在研討會中Andy會教你, 如何減低室內空氣污染的23項措施。

Host : Martha Wong

Speaker : Andy Chan

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