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As part of our upcoming expansion, we aim to venture into online markets in Canada and Southeast Asia, encompassing cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou of China. We invite aspiring interior designers to seize the rare opportunity to join our team as Business Partner. This chance could be your stepping stone to a successful future career. Don’t miss out! take the first step toward success now.

作為我們即將進行的擴張的一部分,我們的目標是進軍加拿大和東南亞的線上市場,包括溫哥華、卡加利、多倫多、香港和廣州等中國城市。 我們邀請有抱負的室內設計師抓住難得的機會作為業務夥伴加入我們的團隊。 這個機會可能成為您未來事業成功的基石。 不要錯過! 現在就踏出成功的第一步。

Entrepreneurial Concerns

  1. Worry that get no one coaching you for business operating’s problems?
  2. How do you make your branding stand out?
  3. Scared to take on big projects because you won’t be able to complete it?
  4. How do you find new customers?
  5. Worried about finding helpers during a lot of orders?
  6. Are you very bad at financial management and don’t know what to do?
  7. Worry about cannot received payment when customers default on their bills?

Don’t worry! We’re here can help.

創 業 的 懮 慮

  1. 擔心沒有人指導您解決企業營運的問題?
  2. 如何讓您的品牌脫穎而出?
  3. 因為無法完成而害怕承擔大型專案?
  4. 如何尋找新客戶?
  5. 擔心訂單較多時找不到幫手?
  6. 您是否不擅長理財,不知道該怎麼辦?
  7. 擔心客戶拖欠帳單而收不到帳款?

不用擔心! 我們在這裡可以提供幫助.

Mastering the 6 Entrepreneurial Conditions for Business Success

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is similar to a thrilling small boat facing the unpredictable waves of the capricious ocean, that demand resilience and strategic navigation. Reflecting on my own 30-year entrepreneurial voyage, I’ve learned that success hinges on six critical entrepreneurial conditions. These conditions serve as a compass, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the unpredictable seas of business.

Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Readiness:

Before diving into the entrepreneurial ocean, aspiring business leaders must introspect and evaluate their readiness against the following six conditions:

1. Passion for Your Chosen Career:

Challenge: Ask yourself if interior design is genuinely your lifelong career.

Solution: Cultivate a deep love for your chosen field, as passion fuels perseverance. Continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends strengthen commitment.

2. Ideals and Ambitions:

Challenge: Evaluate whether you have clear ideals and ambitions for the industry.

Solution: Define your vision and set ambitious goals. Establish a roadmap for your business, outlining short-term and long-term objectives.

3. Overall Business Management:

Challenge: Determine if you can effectively manage all aspects of business operations independently.

Solution: Hone management skills through courses, coach, and hands-on experience. Create streamlined systems and processes.

4. Customer Acquisition:

Challenge: Assess your ability to find and attract new customers.

Solution: Develop a robust marketing strategy. Utilize online platforms, networking, and word-of-mouth to expand your customer base.

5. Financial Resources:

Challenge: Ensure you have enough funds to run your company.

Solution: Create a realistic budget and financial plan. Explore funding options such as loans, investors, or government grant.

6. Problem-Solving Skills:

Challenge: Determine if you can handle and resolve difficulties independently.

Solution: Cultivate a resilient mindset and problem-solving skills. Learn from setbacks, seek guidance when needed, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Seas:

My entrepreneurial journey commenced over three decades ago, marked by sleepless nights and self-doubt. Leaving the comfort of a stable job for the wild dream of entrepreneurship was nerve-wracking, but it led to profound growth and success. The startup journey is devoid of luxuries, with every move feeling like a make-or-break moment. The stress often revolves around three main challenges: generating sales, defining a unique identity, and attracting the right talent.

Business Opportunity Awaits:

For those with lofty ideals and ambitions in the realm of interior design, learn how to master the six entrepreneurial conditions and turn challenges into opportunities. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned entrepreneur, our insights and solutions pave the way for a smoother journey towards business success. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in the dynamic world of business.

We look forward to your joining and growing with us!

掌握商業成功的 6 個創業條件

踏上創業之旅,就像一艘驚心動魄的小船,面對變幻莫測的大海,需要韌性和策略導航。 回顧我自己30年的創業歷程,我了解到成功取決於六個關鍵的創業條件。 這些條件就像指南針,引導有抱負的企業家穿越不可預測的商業海洋。



1. 對您選擇職業的熱情:


解決方案:培養對您所選擇的領域的熱愛,因為熱情會激發毅力。 不斷學習並跟上產業趨勢可以增強承諾。

2. 理想與抱負:


解決方案:定義您的願景並設定一個抱負非凡的目標。 為您的業務制定路線圖,概述短期和長期目標。

3. 整體業務管理:


解決方案:透過課程、輔導和實踐經驗磨練管理技能。 創建精簡的系統和流程。

4. 客戶獲取:


解決方案:制定穩健的市場銷售策略。 利用網上平台、網路和口碑來擴大您的客戶群。

5. 金融資源:


解決方案:制定切合實際的預算和財務計畫。 探索貸款、投資者或政府補助金等融資方案。

6. 解決問題的能力:


解決方案:培養堅韌的心態和解決問題的能力。 從挫折中學習,在需要時尋求指導,並適應不斷變化的環境。


我的創業之旅始於三十多年前,充滿了不眠之夜和自我懷疑。 離開舒適的穩定工作去追求瘋狂的創業夢想是令人傷腦筋的,但它帶來了深刻的成長和成功。 創業之旅缺乏奢華,每一步都感覺像是生死攸關的時刻。 壓力通常圍繞著三個主要挑戰:產生銷售、定義獨特的身份以及吸引合適的人才。


對於那些在室內設計領域有遠大理想和抱負的人來說,了解如何掌握六大創業條件,將挑戰轉化為機會。 無論您是新手還是富經驗的企業家,我們的見解和解決方案都為您更順利地邁向商業成功鋪平了道路。 擁抱企業家精神,在充滿活力的商業世界中蓬勃發展。


Interior Designer Entrepreneurial Program
Become a Business Partner with Us!

Application Criteria:

  • Hold Interior Design certification or above
  • Possess a minimum of 2 years of working experience in the field
  • Aspire to make professional Interior Design a lifelong career
  • Eager to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, utilizing your talent to earn money
  • *Seek a business partner for mutual business growth

Follow 3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals:

  1. Build your business tools.
  2. Join our team for coaching.
  3. Start the journey of money earning.

How to Join the Interior Designer Entrepreneurial Program:

Join us as a member; sign up with your email and make a one-time non-refundable registration payment of C$10. Once enrolled, you’re eligible to apply for the entrepreneurial program for free. Notably, the initial 10 approved applicants will enjoy a C$100 fee deduction, applicable for website building or coaching charges.

Who will fit for this program:

  1. An interior designer wants to entrepreneurial an interior design business.
  2. A physical interior design business wants upgrade to online business.
  3. An existing interior design business want to changing a new operation model.
  4. Other industries related to interior design.

This program aims to in developing their online business. Interested parties are required to establish their online brand name, online store, related product and service, as well as engage in effective marketing promotion. Once equipped with these marketing tools, you can collaborate with our professional team to start earning your own income.

Before embarking on step one, we will conduct a meeting to understand each applicant’s background and determine the most suitable course of study. Our coaching courses cater to different member requirements, offering different package of courses with varying prices.

 1. What tools need to prepare:

a. One domain name
b. One website
c. One email address

Note: you may eligible to apply government grant for business tools like website building, online store etc.

2. What kinds of skill you may need to coaching in the online business:

a. Business operation
b. Business management
c. Problem solving skill
d. Customer acquisition
e. Financial resources
f. Team working relationship

After the meeting, you will know which one or more items of coaching need to learn. The number of coaching items varies from person to person. You only pay for the knowledge you acquire and the tools you develop.

Take the first step toward a prosperous future. We are welcome members to apply this program for free, then we will schedule a complimentary consultation online for you and explore the details of our program. No commitments required!



  • 持有室內設計或以上證書
  • 擁有至少 2 年該領域的工作經驗
  • 立志讓專業的室內設計成為一生的職業
  • 渴望踏上創業之旅,發揮自己的才能賺錢
  • 尋求業務夥伴以實現共同業務成長

請遵循 3 個步驟來實現您的目標:

  1. 建立您的業務工具。
  2. 加入我們的團隊接受輔導。
  3. 開始賺錢的旅程。


加入我們成為會員; 請以電郵登記並一次性支付加幣10元且不可退還的登記費。 登記後,您就有資格免費申請創業計畫。 值得注意的是,前 10 名獲得批准的申請人將享受加幣100元的費用減免,適用於網站建設或輔導費用。


  1. 室內設計師想創立自己的室內設計業務。
  2. 實體室內設計企業希望升級為網上業務。
  3. 現有室內設計企業想要改變新的營運模式。
  4. 其他與室內設計相關的行業。

該計劃旨在發展他們的網上業務。 有興趣的各方需要建立自己的網上品牌、網上商店、相關產品和服務,並進行有效的市場推廣。 一旦配備了這些行銷工具,您就可以與我們的專業團隊合作,開始賺取您自己的收入。

在開始第一步之前,我們將召開一次會議,以了解每位申請人的背景並確定最合適的學習課程。 我們的輔導課程迎合不同的會員需求,提供不同價格的不同套餐。

1. 需要準備什麼工具:

a. 一個網站域名
b. 一個電子網站
c. 一個電郵地址


2. 在網上業務中需要輔導哪些技能:

a. 業務營運
b. 企業管理
c. 解決問題的能力
d. 獲取客戶
e. 財政資源
f. 團隊工作關係

經過我們的面談後,您就會知道需要學習哪一項或多項輔導。 輔導項目的數量因人而異。您只需為您獲得的知識和開發的工具付費。

踏出邁向繁榮未來的第一步。 我們歡迎會員免費申請此計劃,然後我們將為您安排免費線上諮詢並探討我們計劃的詳細資訊。 無需承諾!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

A1: Entrepreneurial designer often struggles with establishing a unique brand identity, staying updated with design trends, and effectively marketing their products or services.

A2: Entrepreneurial programs provide valuable resources such as mentorship and business skills training, helping designers enhance their entrepreneurial chance of success.

A3: Many designer entrepreneurs are concerned about managing cash flow, setting appropriate pricing for their services, and securing funding for projects or business expansion.

A4: A robust online presence is crucial for reaching a wider audience. Entrepreneurial programs often offer guidance on creating effective websites, social media strategies, and online marketing to enhance visibility.

A5: Keeping up with market trends is vital for staying relevant. Entrepreneurial programs offer market research tools, trend analysis, and expert insights to keep entrepreneurial designer informed.

A6: Solo entrepreneurial designer often struggles with workload management, wearing multiple hats, and feeling isolated and helpless without a team for collaboration and support.

A7: Solo entrepreneurs will experience burnout due to the constant juggling of design work, marketing, administration, and other business responsibilities without a team to share the workload.

A8: Working alone will limit creative input and feedback. A team offers varied perspectives, brainstorming opportunities, and collaborative dynamics that can enhance innovation in design.

A9: Solo entrepreneurs will more vulnerable to setbacks. A team provides emotional support, encouragement, and collective problem-solving, enhancing the overall resilience of the business.

A10: Scaling alone will be challenging due to limited resources and time. A professional team facilitates scalability by sharing responsibilities, allowing the business to take on larger projects and clients.

A11: Solo entrepreneurs will struggle to specialize in every aspect. A team allows for role specialization, improving efficiency as team members focus on their areas of expertise, leading to a smoother workflow.

A12: Solo entrepreneurs will find it challenging to balance client interactions with other business responsibilities. A team enables designated roles for client management, ensuring better communication and relationship building.

A13: Solo entrepreneurs will worry about sustaining momentum over time. A professional team provides collective energy, shared responsibilities, and the ability to weather challenges, contributing to the long-term development of the business.






A4:強大的網上影響力對於吸引更廣泛的受眾至關重要。 創業計劃通常會提供有關創建有效網站、社交媒體策略和網上行銷以提高知名度的指導。

A5:緊跟市場趨勢對於維持相關性至關重要。 創業計畫提供市場研究工具、趨勢分析和專家見解,讓創業設計師了解狀況。



A8:單獨工作會限制創意輸入和回饋。 團隊提供不同的觀點、集思廣益的機會和協作動力,可以增強設計創新。

A9:單獨創業者更容易遭受挫折。 團隊提供情感支持、鼓勵和集體解決問題,增強企業的整體彈性。

A10:由於資源和時間有限,單獨擴展將具有挑戰性。 專業團隊透過分擔責任來促進可擴展性,使企業能夠承擔更大的專案和客戶。

A11:個體企業家將很難在各方面都專業化。 團隊允許角色專業化,當團隊成員專注於他們的專業領域時提高效率,從而使工作流程更加順暢。

A12:個人創業家會發現平衡客戶互動與其他業務職責具有挑戰性。 團隊為客戶管理指定角色,確保更好的溝通和關係建立。

A13:個體創業者會擔心隨著時間的推移能否維持發展的動力。 專業團隊提供集體能量、共同責任和應對挑戰的能力,為企業的長期發展做出貢獻。

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