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A. Online Home Design Guidance Plan
B. Online Consulting Service
C. Online Training Courses ( coming soon)

A) Online Home design guidance plan ( for residential only )

If you are worrying about for your new home or existing home improvement, but don’t know how to arrange the furniture in right place and choose the right color that suit for you ?  No worry, our Home Design Guidance Plan can help you solve this problem and save your money & time as well.

A) 家居設計指導計劃 (僅限住宅)


B) Online Consulting Service 

If you have questions about Interior design in terms of design concepts, styles, colors, materials, drawings etc. or in renovation management regarding in preparation, work procedures, analysis, reports etc., we can help to solve all these annoying problems. Come to get the solution now!

B) 網上顧問服務


C) Online Training Courses with Certificate 

Our online training course is suitable for three types of people who are interested in interior design and project management to read and learn:

  1. People who are interested in interior design or who like to do home improvement, DIY.
  2. A junior designer who has graduated and now is working in an interior design firm or a renovation company.
  3. Renovation contractor has often rejected by building inspector for unknown reasons.

If you are one of the above types of people, our courses are your best choice, please pay attention to our upcoming training courses.

C) 網上證書訓練課程


  1. 有興趣於室內設計或喜歡DIY自己動手做家居裝修的人士。
  2. 已畢業的初級設計師,現正在室內設計公司或裝修工程公司工作的人士。
  3. 裝修承包商,經常在不知什麼原因下而被建築檢查員拒絕的人士。


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