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Enroll in the Interior Designer Entrepreneurial Program (IDEP) through our membership tiers:

1. Starter Member: Share information and ask questions about our industry.
2. Pro Member: Apply for interior design business coaching to become an entrepreneur.
3. Premium Member: Collaborate with our professional team as a business partner with our corporation.

Business partner definition:
A business partner is any entity that you collaborate with on a business-to-business basis. Unlike business affiliates, you do not share control of your company with business partners. Business partners include service provider, goods supplier, tech vendors, advertisers, industry organizations etc.

Join us as a starter member; sign up with your email and make a one-time non-refundable registration payment of C$10 plus GST. Once enrolled, you’re eligible to apply for the entrepreneurial program for free. Notably, the initial 10 approved applicants will enjoy a C$100 fee deduction, applicable for website building or coaching charges.

To complete the registration process, prepare an e-Transfer payment C$10.50 (GST included), pay to: Interior Space Enterprises Inc. and email to: Upon receipt of the registration fee, we will provide you with a unique registration number. You can utilize this number to submit your application for the Interior Designer Entrepreneur Program.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of this program. Register now, and let’s connect soon


1. 初級會員:分享有關我們行業的資訊並提出問題。
2. 專業會員:申請室內設計業務輔導成為企業家。
3. 高級會員:成為我們公司的商業夥伴與我們的專業團隊合作。

商業夥伴是指與您進行企業對企業合作的任何實體。 與業務關聯公司不同,您不須與商業夥伴共享公司的控制權。 商業夥伴包括: 服務提供者、商品供應商、技術供應者、廣告商、產業組織等。

加入我們成為初級會員;使用您的電子郵件進行註冊並支付加幣10元加消費稅的一次性不可退還註冊費。 註冊後,您就有資格免費申請創業計畫。 值得注意的是,前 10 名獲得批准的申請人將享受 100 加元的費用減免,適用於網站建設或輔導費用。

完成註冊流程,請準備電子轉帳付款 C$10.50(含消費稅),付款至:Interior Space Enterprises Inc. 並發送電子郵件至。 收到註冊費後,我們將為您提供一個獨特的註冊號碼。 您可以使用此號碼提交室內設計師企業家計劃的申請。

我們期待您成為這計劃的成員。 立即註冊,讓我們盡快聯繫!

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