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b-MOLA NCCO1804 Air Treatment Unit


Multi-application Type NCCO Air Treatment Unit

  • Stylish Leather Handle – Easy to carry and place in different operating environments.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery giving 8hrs of energy – Therefore not limited for use inside the house.
  • Multi Color Options – Fits every mood or location.


Airflow Volume : 12-25 m³/hr

Power Consumption : 1.3-2.5 W

Noise Level : 34-38 dB

Color : Blue/White/Pink / Beige

Net Weight : 0.96 kg

Size : 160 x 160 x 88 mm





General Information :

  1. Kill Virus & Bacteria – The Active Oxygen Generator kills bacteria and virus (with COVID 19 certification).
  2. Clean Allergen & Pollen – HEPA filter can clean solid pollution like dust, smoke, mites, and pollen. The NCCO filter catalyzes and decomposes of any odor and VOC harmful gases.
  3. Long Life NCCO Filter – The life time of the NCCO Reactor is tested to be up to 12 years. It is more economical and environmental.
  4. Manufacturer Warranty – All products from our shop carry ONE year manufacturer’s warranty and technical support.
  5. Free Delivery in BC Canada – Free delivery for orders over $295* (before tax) to cities of Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby BC in Canada.

1.殺死病毒和細菌 – 活性氧發生器可殺死細菌和病毒(具有 COVID 19 認證)。

2. 清潔過敏原和花粉 – HEPA過濾器可以清除灰塵、煙霧、蟎蟲和花粉等固體污染。NCCO過濾器催化和分解任何氣味和VOC有害氣體。

3. 長壽命 NCCO 過濾器 – 經測試,NCCO 反應器的使用壽命長達 12 年。 它更經濟、更環保。

4.製造商保修 – 我們商店的所有產品均提供一年製造商保養/修和技術支持。

5.加拿大境內免費送貨 – 訂單滿 295 加元*(稅前)免費送貨至加拿大BC省列治文、溫哥華和本那比,三個主要城市。

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